Cowhide Rug | White Natural

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Our natural white cowhide rug is a classic color that can add organic elegance in your home. This cowhide rug in natural white is a statement of modern sophistication that exudes distinct class to any area. Cowhide rugs work well with almost any interior style.

Average size 5-7 ft x 5-7 ft.

Backing is natural suede.

Sourced from Brazil

Cowhides are are a natural material and all are unique; particularly "white" hides. Colors can vary from white, cream, ivory, to antique white due to the natural nature of the animal. You will receive a hide with very similar color and patterns as pictured. Few hides might include some natural flaws due to conditions inherent to natural animal products such as branding and barbwire marking, that will be discreetly repaired. 


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